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June 2009

Bolted Leek

by Talley

in Vegetables

Wow. I’ve never seen this before.I was cutting up a leek the other day, and when I went to cut off the roots, my knife hit something hard. Like, as hard as a rock. I made a cut around the circumference and peeled off the tender part. Sure enough, straight up the middle of the […]


Collard greens, for me, have always been a bit of a mystery. I didn’t grow up eating them, but I certainly heard the word a fair amount. What were they anyway? Was it a type of plant? Was it the way they were prepared (I pictured a bowl of cooked spinach with a “collar” of […]


Poquito Picante

by Talley

in Cocktail

My parents ate at Yerba Beuna in Manhattan’s east village last night. I gather it was a good time. But what I heard most about was this cocktail called the poquito picante. I made one last night. Very nice mix of flavors! The muddled jalapeno gets the slight burn going on the tongue, while the […]


The other recipe we made this week from Hot Sour Salty Sweet was a spicy beef salad. Here, a black pepper-rubbed sirloin is grilled over high heat just briefly to give it some color, then sliced thin (still very rare on the inside). To finish cooking, it is added with some toasted rice powder to […]


Continuing with the theme of my last post, I made a couple other dishes this past weekend using the open fire. Both come from one of my favorite cookbooks (certainly my favorite for southeast Asian food) called Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia. I can’t say enough about the authors, Jeffrey […]


We did some camping this weekend up in the San Juan islands and food was on my mind before we even left our house. You see, cooking over an open fire is still something that gets me a little nervous. Sure, I can grill a hamburger, or boil some water, or make chili or something, […]

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Veal Stock

by Talley

in Beef,Methods

One thing I love about eating out at great restaurants (outside of not having to clean up afterwards) is the “how did they do that?” factor. And I don’t mean blown up brie or other molecular gastronomy tricks. I’m talking ordinary things elevated to extraordinary heights, like a crispy braised brisket at Sitka & Spruce, […]

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