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August 2009

Talley and I have not prepared a lot of Greek food, but our neighbor Pam has and every year she and my aunt Jenni host a big greek dinner at the houseboat next door. This year they made souvlaki (meat and veggies grilled on sticks – I am not at all sure what the difference […]



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We have a very prolific zucchini plant this year. At first, we were hesitant to pick them, not wanting to waste our precious few gems without careful consideration of how they’d be used. Somewhere along the way though, Beryl discovered that if you pick them, it only encourages the plant to produce more veggies. And […]


Beryl and I have been getting a CSA box from the good people at Local Roots Farm this summer. Each Tuesday we pick up a big box and digging into it feels a bit like Christmas. We can usually count on some lettuce, but the rest of the box is a surprise. We’ve gotten purslane, […]


Those were the three types of cherries we got at the farmer’s market this weekend. Truth be told, ground cherries are not cherries, they’re more closely related to tomatoes, but that is their name and they are delicious. They went into a bruschetta. Bing cherries are cherries, and Talley brandied them. These brandied cherries are […]

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This came together pretty fast and was very satisfying. The only thing I would change is the use of the chard stem – the texture of the stem was distracting from then nice soft greens even though they were thoroughly cooked. If you do want to use them, just make sure you really cook them […]

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As previously noted, Talley and i went berry picking last weekend. This is a quick post to share a drink we made up that uses berries and has served us well in our record-breaking heat wave. It’s pretty simple — raspberries, watermelon juice and basil syrup (also noted previously is our massive basil crop… basil […]


I love fresh shelling peas, and I lament the fact that they are not more commonly available. I asked Beryl if she’d plant a good bunch of them this year to use in my favorite pasta dish of fettucini with fresh peas, prosciutto and sage butter. She obliged and got a decent crop. In our […]

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