Ground, Sour & Bing…

by Beryl

in Fruit


Those were the three types of cherries we got at the farmer’s market this weekend. Truth be told, ground cherries are not cherries, they’re more closely related to tomatoes, but that is their name and they are delicious. They went into a bruschetta. Bing cherries are cherries, and Talley brandied them. These brandied cherries are to be cooked and eaten with duck, and the brandy they soaked in should be delicious as well. Sour cherries are certainly cherries, and they will be made into maraschino cherries.


In addition to cherries, we found 7 different kinds of garlic, 3 of which we bought, and a bag of huckleberries, which we turned into huckleberry liqueur. The liqueur will be used in a modified Kir Royale, among other things.
Take home: August is an extraordinary month.

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Joe Lambert August 17, 2009 at 2:24 am

This puts cherries in a whole new light. I'm guessing the tomatilla looking cherry is used in the bruschetta. I'll look for some. The photos are really good–love looking forward to new posts.


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