Niçoise Salad

by Talley

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Beryl and I have been getting a CSA box from the good people at Local Roots Farm this summer. Each Tuesday we pick up a big box and digging into it feels a bit like Christmas. We can usually count on some lettuce, but the rest of the box is a surprise. We’ve gotten purslane, peppers, and purple potatoes, beans, peas, tomatoes and chard. It’s an enormous amount of fun and an equally large challenge to get through it, especially given the productivity of our own garden (we’re up to our ears in zucchini…). Between the CSA and the garden, we have not been able to get to the farmers market as much as we’d like, and we really only let ourselves go if we’ve made a respectable dent in the CSA haul by Sunday. So you’ll understand why I was so excited last week when we were able to use not only half of the CSA box, but also a host of things from the garden and the cupboard in a single dish! The dish was a Niçoise salad. There are a bunch of recipes floating around the web, so I won’t post one here, but I will direct you to a good one at Simply Recipes.


In this single dish, we were able to use the following things from the CSA, garden and cupboard: lemons, shallots (a gift from a friend’s farm in CA), thyme, basil, oregano, eggs, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, green beans, olives, capers, and a can of tuna! We always feel so victorious when we have everything on hand for a delicious meal. After all that, it was a bit of a bonus that the salad was delicious, nutritious, and very filling!

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