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Beryl carried Talley and Penny the whole way to the top

Houseboat Eats is Talley Lambert and Beryl Swanson. We live on a houseboat in Seattle with 3 cats (Huxley, Blue and Oliver), Penny the dog, and a garden.  We know that 3 cats is a lot, and we know that the 15 pictures of those cats (see below) is excessive by some standards. We’ve recently learned that we’re probably infected by a parasite that has taken over our brains and has driven us unwillingly, unwittingly and inevitably towards cat ownership. Lots and lots of cat ownership. (Think I’m joking?  Listen to the last ten minutes of this episode of Radiolab.)  Penny the dog is not the result of derangement, she’s actually the result of a little mix up at work, but she’s the best little mix up we’ve ever had.  She does not suffer from the same feline lovitis parasite that we do.

About Talley

Talley Talley Lambert’s earliest attempt to woo Beryl involved a jar of pasta sauce, chopped peppers, and a bottle of cheap Chianti. He didn’t know it at the time, but this was his first step down an olive oil slicked slope that would lead to approximately 97 cookbooks, a few Japanese knifes, and an ever expanding spice collection that ranges from Amchoor powder to four different but absolutely necessary Paprikas. If you ask him to describe his perfect Saturday, it will include a perusal of the cookbook shelf, a bike ride to the U. District farmer’s market, and what time remains spent cooking, listening to the radio, and discussing with Beryl the relative merits of poodles vs. golden retrievers, Barack Obama’s potential cabinet members, and other subjects about which they have no working knowledge.

About Beryl

beryl.001Beryl Swanson is the resident pastry chef at House Boat G, a title that greatly exaggerates her skills. She feels better represented by the title, “Dish washer,” “Vegetable chopper,” “Amateur photographer,” or “Peanut gallery.” Although she is no expert, she does know the difference between baking soda and baking powder, and she can make a decent piecrust when duty calls. She is also the personal chef of Blue, Oliver, and Huxley—the Houseboat G cats—and will share her recipe for kitty food if anyone wants to know (Talley banished the recipe from the blog, calling it, “gross,” “off-putting,” and “insane”).

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What follows are 1000s of pictures of kittens and puppies:

Puppy penny Penny the DogPenny the Australian terrier: spent three happy years as the only pet, and then we got Huxley the big black cat.

Penny and Hux Penny and Hux

She was ok with Hux, but then this happened —->

kittens play on couchWe fostered a litter of tiny tabbies. Intended to keep 1… wound up keeping 2. Lucky for us the 3rd never warmed up to the dog, so she went to live in a dog-free house.

nursing babies Feeding the kittens carpenter glue*.

Baby Oliver

Kittens meet the grown upsBlue, the little gray girl, and Oliver the brown boy, fit in pretty well with Huxley and Penny.

Teenage kittens Getting bigger…

Talley and Blue All grown up now (the cats, not Talley).

Blue Angel

*ps – April fools. We didn’t feed the kittens carpenter’s glue.
pps – Talley made me write that because he thought saying that we fed them carpenter’s glue was tasteless.

burned pudgie pie

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