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For the wedding, we wanted both a red and a white sangria — this is what we wound up going with for the red.  We tested a couple recipes; this rose to the top because it’s not too sweet, it’s nicely tart, and it’s extremely refreshing. The original recipe (from Saveur, who, in turn, lifted […]

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This recipe is adapted from one we found on Food & Wine, it was by a guy named Adam Seger. The original recipe has you strain all the fruit out of the sangria before serving and then chop up fresh fruit to add back as a garnish. It also has you rim glasses with a […]


In our yard, the first edible plant plant to emerge in the spring is our neighbor’s rhubarb. It’s ready to go before the asparagus, before the baby lettuces, and, since our neighbor seems to condone it, we happily avail ourselves of the resource (Gwen, next time we see you we’re going to greet you with […]


So I’ve had this song stuck, I mean S-T-U-C-K in my head for the last week or so. It’s called Horchata, and it’s the first track on the new Vampire Weekend album. Whatever you do . . . don’t hit the play button… Did you do it? You did, didn’t you. I had never heard […]


The theme of this month’s mixology monday, hosted by the folks over at eGullet, is “Dizzy Dairy”: anything with milk, cream, butter, cheese, eggs, or the like. Dairy has of course had a solid place in the world of cocktails for ages, and it was a good chance to look around for ideas. I’m a […]


We’re going to start featuring one cocktail every month. Here is the inaugural post: I’ve made a few liquors recently and have been looking for interesting ways to use them. I used some of the huckleberries we got at the market a few weeks ago to make a liqueur not unlike crème de cassis, though […]


So Hot…

by Talley

in Cocktail,Fruit

Hottest day ever in recorded history in Seattle yesterday. The cats are starting to adopt awkward dying poses as if to say “Whyyy me?? Make it go away. . .”. This calls for refreshing cocktails! We had some watermelon and decided to make juice from it. After looking around online, I didn’t find any watermelon […]


When I was younger, I listened to tapes of stories by the storyteller Jay O’Callahan. A quarter century later, there are lines from those tapes that repeat in my head. As I crest a steep hill on my bike, I think, “I did it oh I did it oh I did it oh I did […]


Chocolate mint (Mentha piperita) is one of three mints that was on the shelves at the Sun Seed Farm booth at the Ballard Farmer’s Market this spring, and is one of the latest additions to our herb garden. It’s delicious stuff, smells a bit like an Andes chocolate mint, and we’ve been having fun thinking […]


Poquito Picante

by Talley

in Cocktail

My parents ate at Yerba Beuna in Manhattan’s east village last night. I gather it was a good time. But what I heard most about was this cocktail called the poquito picante. I made one last night. Very nice mix of flavors! The muddled jalapeno gets the slight burn going on the tongue, while the […]

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