December Flavored Ice Cream

December 15, 2009

To be honest, I made this ice cream in October and I’ve been sitting on the recipe ever since, waiting for December. That’s because it’s December flavored ice cream. The recipe came from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop, and in a book of great recipes, this one is among the best. Mr. Lebovitz doesn’t call […]

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On properly heating your pan

December 13, 2009

As Harold McGee will tell you, controlling heat is one of the most basic challenges a cook faces in the kitchen. We’ve all heard that it’s important to preheat your oven, and heat your skillet before adding ingredients. With regards to preheating a skillet however, I’ve always just sort of put the pan over heat […]

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Gingerbread House 2009

December 9, 2009
gingerbread house

This is a bit of a follow up post to the gingerbread houses we posted last week. Our 2009 house is an almost accurate rendition of our houseboat. When we finished it and it was sitting on the table, I realized that it looks like a very modern house from the 70’s – I think […]

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Chicken Marsala

December 7, 2009
chicken marsala

Here’s a quick classic dish with an incredible tastiness to effort ratio. When we just can’t muster up the effort for an elaborate dinner, or when we’re in a bit of a hurry, we turn to this dish. It comes together in about a half an hour, tastes fantastic, and feels comforting. There are certainly […]

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Gingerbread Houses

November 30, 2009
gingerbread house

When I was little, my family went through a gingerbread phase.  I don’t really know how that happened, but we got really into it.  I’ve kind of been into it ever since.  It is a really fun, frustrating, rewarding, sometimes heartbreaking project, and who isn’t looking for more frustration and heartbreak during the holidays?  The fun part […]

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Thanksgiving Ham

November 28, 2009
thanksgiving ham

For the past month, we’ve been working on this Thanksgiving ham. We cured the ham, hung it, smoked it, soaked it, boiled it, roasted it, and served it. Now, after all that, it’s kind of hard to know how to measure success. Having never experienced anything but standard, store-bought ham before, we weren’t exactly sure […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving is just about the best day of the year and we hope yours is great. Tomorrow, Gingerbread Houses!!

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The Thanksgiving Ham: Smoking and Soaking

November 25, 2009
smoking the ham

Our Thanksgiving ham continues to evolve.  Yesterday we told you about the curing and hanging process, and today we’ll show you how we’ve been smoking the ham.  People have been smoking meats since before recorded history.  The original purpose was probably food preservation, as the dehydrating and antibacterial properties of the smoking process allow meat […]

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The Thanksgiving Ham: Curing and Hanging

November 24, 2009
Thumbnail image for The Thanksgiving Ham: Curing and Hanging

For the past 20 days or so, we’ve been working on a little edible experiment that will culminate on Thanksgiving day. This year, we’re bringing a classic home-cured, smoked, boiled, and roasted ham to our family gathering, to supplement the turkey of course. We’ve done some research (with most of our information coming from that […]

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Cauliflower Gratin with Manchego and Almonds

November 23, 2009
cauliflower gratin

We first made this recipe from the Feburary 2005 edition of Food & Wine at Thanksgiving a couple of years back. It was very well received and we’ve kept it on the rotation ever since. The manchego almond sauce here is a refreshing twist on your typical cream sauce, but it definitely still has that […]

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